Sunday, March 4, 2012

The JitterBug Contact Lens Cleaner

Are you a contact lens wearer? Can't find the time to clean your lenses? No worries peeps. We have a cleaning kit that will help you do all the dirty works!

(One cleaning kit includes one JitterBug lens cleaner, dual lens case, battery, one instruction and warranty information booklet & one small black pouch bag)

The JitterBug battery operated contact lens cleaner is designed to work with ALL leading contact lens solution and it is compatible with ALL soft lens materials including disposable ones!

Protein deposits are a leading cause of wearer discomfort. The JitterBug lens cleaner has an exclusive feature called Dynamic Action Cleaning (D.A.C.) which can reduce 16% protein deposit after one week. It also discourages protein buildups on lenses.

Preliminary studies (Joyce and Jones, 2009) have shown that the use of contact lens case vibrating device such as the Jitterbug Cleaner to be successful in removing protein from contact lenses (replacing the manual finger-rubbing).

 Dynamic Action Cleaning (D.A.C.)
This exclusive feature sets pattern of high frequency sonic waves, enhancing chemical reactions and gentyly loosen stubborn protein deposits.

Quick & Easy
The JitterBug lens cleaner gives you two operation options to clean your lenses.

Rapid Clean - This is an 'on-demand' function which lightly scrubs your lenses in 16 seconds! This convenient cleaning process replaces the manual finger rubbing.

JitterBug Rapid Clean Demo

Extended Clean - Clean while you sleep! It is a recommended function to be used nightly to prevent protein buildups. Cleaning process automatically concludes after 6 hours.

Extra Feature
The JitterBug lens cleaner also reminds you when your disposable lenses need to be disposed! It incorporates a counter to track lens replacement.

Introducing the JitterBug friends!
JitterBug lens case now available in four different styles. Collect all four friends today!
The JitterBug lens containers are supplied by top quality lens case manufacturer Bonasse and they are fully FDA certified and traceable.

So what are you waiting for? Grab one JitterBug from us for only RM60 (USD20) per kit!

For more information on how to order, payment methods and shipping details, click on the links below:

*This device is not waterproof. Do not place the JitterBug lens cleaner on wet surface or under running water. Doing so will void your warranty. Please read the instruction booklet included in the cleaning kit carefully before using the JitterBug lens cleaner.*

*The JitterBug lens cleaner comes with a one year manufacturer warranty. This device shall be free of defects for one year (battery excluded) from date of purchase. This warranty does not circumvent state laws, you may have additional rights. Please check with your municipal office. If any damage should occur through normal use, not including water damage, resulting in the loss of function of this device, please return all components (including all peripherals & battery) together with Order ID and receipt of purchase to us. We will assist you in contacting the manufacturer for a replacement.*


  1. hye dear... i've paste ur blog badge at my blog shop list. thank u for visiting me :D

  2. Hi there, i just wanna know what the difference between jitterbug and other brands contact lens auto cleaning kit.

    1. Hi MS,
      Many thanks for your query on the Jitterbug.
      Below are the unique features and benefits of using the Jitterbug:

      1. Firstly, the Jitterbug cleaning kit comes with a one year manufacturer warranty (not including water damage and battery defects)!
      2. Its Dynamic Action Cleaning (DAC) exclusive feature sets pattern of high frequency sonic waves which enhances chemical reactions and gently loosen stubborn protein deposits.
      3. It reduces 16% protein deposit after a week. The vibrating platform was able to remove protein into the solution.
      4. It has two functions - an extended clean function for overnight use and a rapid clean function for 'on-the-go' use (convenient cleaning process replacing manual finger rubbing in only 16 seconds!).
      5. It is small (palm size), quick and easy to use. It is also affordable!
      6. The effectiveness of the Jitterbug has been supported by independent research and study - British Contact Lens Association Annual Conference May 2010 and American Academy of Ophthalmology Annual Conference Nov 2009.
      7. The dual lens container that comes with the Jitterbug is supplied by top quality lens case manufacturer Bonasse (No Drip) and it is fully FDA certified and traceable.
      8. The Jitterbug also has a counter of which you can reset/adjust the 'Days Remaining' before disposing your contact lenses.
      9. The Jitterbug is battery operated hence it is handy to carry it anywhere! It also comes with a suction cup turn-buckle for mounting vertically on bathroom mirror.
      10. The Jitterbug is designed to work with ALL leading solutions and it is compatible with ALL soft lens materials including disposable ones.

      If you have any other queries on the Jitterbug, please do not hesitate to contact me at
      Have a nice day! :)

  3. Hi. Your article was so helpful. Do you need to transfer the contact lens to another case with fresh solution after the 6-hour (overnight) cleansing; or is it okay if the lens stay there? Because I feel that the dirt that has come off from the lenses is still floating there with the lens. Sorry if my question sounds funny, but I'm a bit of an OC when it comes to contact lenses. I've been reading all the stuff I can find with Jitterbug before I purchase. Thanks so much for the time!