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We have been asked a few times about the benefits and the uniqueness of the Jitterbug Contact Lens Cleaner.

Below are the unique features and benefits of using the Jitterbug:
  1. Firstly, the Jitterbug cleaning kit comes with a one year manufacturer warranty (not including water damage and battery defects)!
  2. Its Dynamic Action Cleaning (DAC) exclusive feature sets pattern of high frequency sonic waves which enhances chemical reactions and gently loosen stubborn protein deposits.
  3. It reduces 16% protein deposit after a week. The vibrating platform is able to remove protein into the solution.
  4. It has two functions - an extended clean function for overnight use and a rapid clean function for 'on-the-go' use (convenient cleaning process replacing manual finger rubbing in only 16 seconds!).
  5. It is small (palm size), quick and easy to use. It is also affordable!
  6. The effectiveness of the Jitterbug has been supported by independent research and study - British Contact Lens Association Annual Conference May 2010 and American Academy of Ophthalmology Annual Conference Nov 2009.
  7. The dual lens container that comes with the Jitterbug is supplied by top quality lens case manufacturer Bonasse (No Drip) and it is fully FDA certified and traceable.
  8. The Jitterbug also has a counter of which you can set/adjust the 'Days Remaining' before disposing your contact lenses.
  9. The Jitterbug is battery operated hence it is handy to carry it anywhere! It also comes with a suction cup turn-buckle for mounting vertically on bathroom mirror.
  10. The Jitterbug is designed to work with ALL leading solutions and it is compatible with ALL soft lens materials including disposable ones.
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Article dated 12/1/2010 on Lens Care & Case Technology taken from Contact Lens Spectrum website, The Leading Clinical Contact Lens Information Source. Article mentioned the Jitterbug device and its function in removing protein.

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